WooCommerce Integration

BirchPress Scheduler supports integration with WooCommerce. You can make appointments and pay via WooCommerce shopping cart.
Notice: This feature is only supported in Business+ edition.

Settings in WooCommerce:

First, go to WooCommerce>Products, create a product and set the ‘Product Type’ as Simple Product. Save the settings. This product will be used to make appointments. When customer purchases this product in your website, he or she will see an appointment booking form. He can select location, service, service provider and time and add the appointment to the WooCommerce shopping cart. Then make the payment. Appointments will be added to Scheduler’s calendar and customer will receive a notification email.

You also need go to WooCommerce>Settings>General, set the location and currency. And go to WooCommerce>Settings>Payment Gateways, set your payment gateway.


Settings in Scheduler:

Go to Appointments>Settings>WooCommerce, enable ‘WooCommerce Integration’ and ‘AutoComplete Order’. Click ‘+Add Product’to add a WooCommerce product.

All WooCommerce simple products are listed in the WooCommerce Product dropdown list. Select the product you want to configure, select the options for fields ‘locations’,’services’ and ‘service provider’. Each product will contain a booking form. Save changes before you leave this page. Goto your website and make an appointment via WooCommerce shop cart.

Note: If you want to charge customers at the time booking, please make sure you enabled prepayment feature in service page.

Customer Credit Usage

Besides the basic WooCommerce Integration, you can set up the scheduler to allow customers purchase a package of services at one time, and then use the purchased credit to make multiple appointments separately.
Here is an example, you provide a ‘2 SPA package’ with a sales price which allow customers to make 2 SPA appointments. The regular price of the SPA is $50, and the sales price of ‘2 SPA package’ is only $80.

First, navigate to WooCommerce>Products>Add Product, create a WooCommerce Product, namely ‘2 SPA package’.


Set it as ‘Simple Product’, and set the regular price as ‘$100’ and the sales price as ‘$80’.

Next, navigate to Appointments>Settings>WooCommerce>WooCommerce Credit section. Enable ‘WooCommerce Credit’ and add WooCommerce Product ‘2 SPA Package’.

Then follow the basic WooCommerce Integration described at the beginning of the guide to create the appointment product, which is used to take appointments. Now when your customer goes to your website>shop page, he can see both product ‘2 SPA Package’ and product ‘SPA Appointment’.
After purchasing the ‘2 SPA package’, the customer will have $100 credit in his account.



When he makes a SPA appointment, he can use his credit to pay for that SPA service.