Accept Prepayment with Paypal

Notice: This feature is only supported in Business and Business+ editions.

BirchPress Scheduler Pro has the ability to accept prepayment with Paypal.

To enable Paypal integration, go to Appointments->Settings->Payments, check ‘Enable Paypal’ and input your Paypal Account Email address. In prepayment message box, write down your custom confirmation message. All merge tags are supported. You can find the tags here.


Click ‘Save changes’ to save your settings.

Go to each service page->Service Settings section, check ‘Enable prepayment’. You can charge your customer a fixed amount or a percentage of total cost.

In frontend booking page, after clicking submit button, the message defined in Settings->Payments->Prepayment message box will be shown to your customer. A Paypal ‘Pay Now’ button will also be seen. By clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button, your customer will be directed to paypal to finish the transaction. The booking will be kept only if the prepayment is done successfully.


Payment info can be tracked in each appointment -> payments tab.