Email Notification

Notice: Email Notification is supported in Personal, Business and Business+ editions. But Appointment Cancellation and Rescheduling is only supported in Business and Business+ editions.

NOTE: If your web hosting plan does not support sending emails,  you need to download a SMTP Service plugin first. There are plenty of them in the WordPress Plugins Repository.

Under ‘Notifications’, you can enable email notification to service providers and clients, so both your service providers and customers will receive emails related to appointments. Make sure you input the email address of the service providers in service provider page.

You need to enter the ‘From Name’ and ‘From Email’.

notification to provider


You could specify your email templates by clicking on ‘+Edit Email Templates’. Email templates are supported in three circumstances: new appointment , appointment modified and appointment cancelled. You can use the predefined email templates or you can easily create your own.

The following table lists merge tags currently supported by BirchPress Scheduler Pro.

Tag Meaning
{location_name} Location Name
{address1}{address2} Location Address
{city} City
{state} State
{country} Country
{phone} Business Phone
{zip_code} Zip Code
{service_name} Service Name
{service_description} Service Description
{staff_name} Staff Name
{staff_email} Staff Email Address
{staff_description} Staff Description
{datetime} Appointment Date & Time
{appointment_duration} Duration of the appointment
{appointment_price} Price for the appointment
{deposit} The amount of prepayment
{amount_due} Amount Due
{appointment_notes} Notes
{client_name_first} Client’s first name
{client_name_last} Client’s last name
{client_email} Client Email
{client_phone} Client Phone
{client_address1}{client_address2} Client Address
{client_city} Client City
{client_state} Client State
{client_country} Client Country
{client_zip} Client Zip Code
{cancel_url} Url for cancelling appointments
{reschedule_url} Url for rescheduling appointments

For other custom fields, please refer to the tag info shown at the top of the field in form builder.

You can send out a reminder email some time before the service. The template of reminder email can also be customized.