Business Manager and Staff Member Login

Notice: This feature is only supported in Business+ edition.

Two new user roles are introduced in this plugin: Staff Member and Business Manager. Normally you should assign the business manager the role of ‘Business Manager’ and assign service providers the role of ‘Staff Member’.

Your service providers can log in WP Admin by themselves. When a person with the role staff member logs in, he can only view his own appointments.
To use Staff Member Login function, you need first specify an email address for each service provider in service provider page.

Then create a user for each service provider and make sure the user shares the same email address with your service provider. Assign the user the role of Staff Member.

When a service provider logs in, only limited pages are visible.

In calendar page, only appointments of the given service provider are listed.



And this service provider can manage his own work schedule.


Similarly you can create a user and assign him the role of ‘Business Manager’.

If you want to change the capabilities of these two roles, please first install the plugin ‘User Role Editor’. You can edit the capabilities with this plugin.