When booking 2 appointments with the same email names merge

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    Richard Van

    When i’m booking 2 appointments and they share the same email… it changes the name of the first appointment booked with that email to the second booked name… why does it do that? is there a work around? I tried to disable email being mandatory form element, but it wont let me.



    Hi Richard,

    Email address is the ID of customer, which means it must be unique. You can not use the same email address for multiple people.


    Stephanie Bell

    Is there any way around this?

    I have a client who says most of her customers don’t have email addresses.

    I know these people won’t be booking online, but they still need to be entered into the system so double bookings don’t occur and so my client can manage her appointments.



    Fumi B

    I’d like to know about this too. I understand why a developer would choose the email address to be the primary ID for a client, but changing the details of an existing appointment (without warning anyone about it, no less) is not a good way to resolve the overlap.

    This has caused a lot of confusion for us in the past. Now we know to use random fake email addresses, which is a sign that something needs to be reconsidered.



    Currently, there is a workaround. The plugin will create a unique email if the client doesn’t have one by adding the following code in Settings -> Custom Code -> PHP.

    add_filter('birchschedule_femail_enable_fake_email', 'birchschedule_cc_femail_enable_fake_email');
    function birchschedule_cc_femail_enable_fake_email() {
     return true;

    Phillip Harrington


    I also have a client who’s clients don’t have email addresses, or he does not know them. Will this work around fix it so he can schedule those people in the admin, too?

    Otherwise, is there a way to make the email optional or make the email not required.




    Hi Phillip,

    It should work with Business and higher editions.


    Rapunzel Lilwall


    Our returning customers have the opposite problem. Most of our customers have 3+ email addresses and often forget which one they used and are either: discouraged (they bounce out or phone instead) that the calendar does not recognise them; or add a second or third email address.

    It becomes more difficult for our CRM system to track visits when there are multiple emails.

    Our experience is that our customers have fewer mobile phone numbers and generally allocate specific activities to specific numbers.

    Does BirchPress ever expect to ID customers by phone number?



    Brendan DeGal

    add_filter(‘birchschedule_femail_enable_fake_email’, ‘birchschedule_cc_femail_enable_fake_email’);

    function birchschedule_cc_femail_enable_fake_email() {
    return true;

    Is there any code to apply this functionality only to the back-end scheduler? Making this option only available when our staff is making an appointment.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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