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    Guy Verville

    I am evaluating Scheduler for a client. I have tried both admin and user demo. While it seems that we can subsequent appointments from a same person, I was able to do the contrary just be telling that I am a new user. Is there a limitation of the demo?

    Let me present you our actual needs for the project:

    The client is a board of schools.
    1. Six representatives will go to a country to meet future foreign students.
    2. These six representatives belong to 3 different organizations (2 for each organization).
    3. Students will have to chose one organization (ideally, this choice will be given automatically to them according to the program they have selected) and they will take an appointment to that organization, but not to a specific representative. In other words, the choice of the representative has no importance. The first available, the first chosen. The number of representatives varies each year.

    As i have understood your module, i think it fulfill those requirements. But the client wants to be sure that students won’t book more than one appointment.

    And, the booking is very limited in time (Mettings will be held only for a week).

    Everything from the above seems with Birchpress. Is that right?



    Hi Guy,

    Our plugin can not prevent a customer from making two subsequent bookings. You need write some custom code to fulfill it. We could help you on hooks and APIs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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