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    I want to setup a meeting room reservation system for our company and used the standard plugin. I can setup meeting rooms (Locations), timeslots like one hour, two hours etc. (Services), and setup specific users (Staff) that can make reservations in Locations and apply Services to them.

    However when I publish the plugin it’s not the staff that can make reservations, but only clients that can (non registered users). Perhaps this is the scope of this plugin, but I just want the staff (employees) to be able to book time (services) in the rooms (locations) and that only they can see availability. For me the clients are not interesting since I don’t want to use it as a public appointment system, but as a closed meeting room reservation system for employees. Is this possible? For the rest it really looks good.



    In your case, meeting rooms should be the ‘staff’, beause the ‘staff'(meeting room) is the thing whose time needs to be managed. ‘Location’ is not important here. Maybe you only need create one location, named ‘Our company building’.

    And all your employees in your company should be the clients of the scheduler. With the Pro Business edition, you have the option to only allow logged in clients to book appointments. The free edition does not support that.



    thanks, would it also be possible with the business pro edition to have:

    -let clients be registered by admin only? (so they get login from admin) – a protected environment
    -let them see the unavailable timings per ‘staff’ (meeting room)
    -let them reserve/book a timing without approval (so it is automatically reserved by a logged in client/employee).;
    -can the timings an employee has booked not be overwritten by another client/employee?




    1. Letting clients be registered by admin only is supported by WP out of box. You can also disable user registration from the booking form.

    2. Only available time will be listed when your employees make the reservation.

    3. Yes, reservation is made automatically. No approval needed.

    4. Yes, Once a time slot is booked by an employee, it is not available anymore for future bookings.


    roochu shah

    Is it possible to have scheduler where the staff needs administrator’s approval to schedule an appointment ? So they schedule an appointment but it’s not final till the administrator approves it.


    The Administrator sets certain times available for the staff to schedule appointments.



    Hi Roochu,

    Our plugin does not support appointment approval functionality.

    But you also mentioned ‘set certain time available for the staff to schedule appointments’, does that mean something like, you are only available on Monday from 9 am to 10 am, on Tuesday from 10 am to 11 am, so appointments can only be booked on those time periods. If that is what you need, our plugin can do it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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