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    Decided that I have to buy another license (although I don’t want to, customer support and developers here are TERRIBLE to say the least.) and what do i see.
    Using latest chrome browser product selection page is BROKEN. Ok, surfed a bit of code and got it in the cart. Now, where is the cart button on this website? NOWHERE! Ok, used some logic and got myself back to the “cart” page. I have entered my credit card data, boom, ERROR. “Missing stripe … something something, contact support” .

    Can you please fix your shit? So that i could buy it and keep coming back here to give this company a hard time to get this piece of software actually working and WITH useful features.

    Also, i like to edit my account details. WHERE ARE THEM!? Clicking on My account redirects me to my purchase page.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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