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    I am super new at this but when I add the code “[bp-scheduler-bookingform]” I see it on the page but none of the drop downs work in order for the client to pick a specific service. Please help! Thanks!



    The code should be [bp-scheduler-bookingform], no quotes. And you need activate our plugin first.


    Joseph Mac

    i have activated the plugin but still i am getting the same error! the plugin doesn’t work.



    Hi Joseph,

    To add the booking form to the sidebar widget, please follow the ‘Add Booking Form Into the Sidebar Widget’ part of this guide.

    Nothing is displayed or just parts of the booking form not shown correctly? Could you give us a link to your booking form?


    Jez Brook

    Was there ever a fix for this?

    I am just testing out the system now and like the OP I am getting the same issue

    I have tried both [bp-scheduler-bookingform] as mentioned in the post and [bpscheduler_booking_form] as mentioned in the FAQ.

    Both produce the form on the page but no fields are populated. All drop down lists are blank, such as location, service and provider. There are Date and Time headings yet nothing listed.



    Please check if there is a theme or plugin conflict first.


    Reagan Larsen

    I am still having the same issue. I was able to determine that it was a theme problem. I switched back to my old theme and it worked fine, but I need it to work with my new theme. All other options work except for choosing a service. I can click on the box but a little bar on top appears with no options.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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