Add Locations

To add a new location, click the “Add Location” under the “Locations” tab.

A new window will appear where you can fill out the location information, including phone number and address.

Then click the “Publish” button to save the new location.

Add Staff Members

Next, click “Staff” tab,and add each your staff member. To add a new staff, click”Add Staff”.

A new window will appear where you can fill out staff information. You can enter name and any descriptive information.

Input the email address of the staff member in the ‘Additional Info’ section.

Under “Work Schedule”, select a location first, then check off the daily and hourly availability for each member. Make sure to do the same for each location the member works.

‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ are optional.  You can limit the schedule setting to a specific time period(e.g. March 1,2013 to April 1,2013).

Click ‘+Add Schedule’ to add a new work schedule if you want.

Click ‘+Add Exception’  to block your busy time, for example, your lunch time.

In ‘Days Off’ section, click on the days your staff member will not work, like holidays.

You can sync your Scheduler calendar with other personal calendars with iCal feeds.

At the right side of the page, choose a calendar color for your staff member.

Once you have all your services added, you can specify the specific services each staff can perform on the right hand side or under the “Services” tab.

Customers can only make the bookings on the available times of the selected staff.

Add Services

Next, click”Services” tab, and add services you provide. To add a new service, click”Add New Service”. A new window will appear where you can fill out service information. You can enter the service name and any descriptive information. Under”Service Settings”, you can determine the service length, padding time and price. These information will be visible to customers when they make online bookings.

Padding time is to add time  between services to allow preparation or cleanup.
There are four price options available: fixed, free, varied and don’t show.
Time slot is set  as the sum of the service length and its padding time by default. If you want it to be a different value, you can enable the flexible appointment start time and set the value.

At last, on the right hand side, under ‘Staff’,assign the staff who can perform this service.

Under ‘Locations’, check the locations where this service can be provided.

Add Booking Form Into A Page

After getting locations, staff, and services set up, you can add the shortcode 

  • Appointment Info

  • Your Info

 to post or page where you want the booking form appear.

A sample booking form looks like:

You can view, add, change and delete reservations under “Calendar” tab.

Booking calendar allows you select month, week or day for viewing appointments.